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LSC Process refractometer service / services repairs and training ISN contractor certified

The Liquid Solids Control team prides ourselves in providing the best customer service to all our customers. Once you have selected our company to help you with your online process measurement needs, we will always be available for support 24/7/365.  Click here for after hours / emergency support.

LSC infield maintenance service and training
Repair refractometer boards, sensing heads, sensors, circuit boards
In-house Repairs


LSC, Inc offers no charge repair estimates on all our equipment.  Once received we will inspect it and provide you with a written estimate asap. At that time you are given the option to approve or deny the repair. Should you elect not to continue with the repair we can return it to you at your cost or discard it at no charge.


Click here to request your RMA #

In-field Maintenance & Training


Many of the industries we work in have demanding schedules and operate 24/7. This means they can not afford to be down. Therefore we have technicians which are available for emergency service.  You can also schedule us to handle your preventative maintenance service during your outages.


On-site training is also available. Please contact us for details.


Click here to request on-site service.

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