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Process Refractometer Accessories

These accessories are designed to adapt LSC refractometer sensors for universal compatibility in all industries.
This ease of customization makes them more universal, cost effective, easier to work on and easy to order.
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safe safety isolation valve removal black liquor pulp and paper refractometer

The Liquid Solids Control Gate Adaptor provides for quick, simple & safe removal of LSC refractometer sensing heads from active process pipelines for maintenance or calibration. While ensuring the ultimate in safety, this dedicated unit eliminates the need for costly unscheduled process line shutdowns or “by-pass loops", which tend to cause problems.

Click here for a detailed guide how to safely remove and reinstall the sensors to the gate adaptors.

The Gate employs a completely captivated plate that slides across the flow and does not pressurize the liquid between the sensing head and valve. It is mechanically sure, operated by an eccentric cam. Function of the gate adaptor is accomplished easily by turning a 1” (25mm) hex nut just under half a turn by wrench. Double encapsulated Teflon seals are provided against both sides of the slide plate ensuring a good seal. 

It's inherent design allows it to be locked via an external lock guaranteeing positive visual & physical assurance of locked "fully-open" or "fully-closed". The lock cannot be engaged if the gate is less than 100% opened or closed. Limit switches allow for the divert controller to indicate closing of the gate adaptor, which automatically puts that unit out of service and goes into "single unit operation".

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