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LSC refractometer sensors are designed for accuracy, simplicity and dependability. These sensors measure the refractive index (concentration) of liquid in most application situations. Each one designed to be easily installed to a wide range of applications including sanitary, hazardous and industrial. Click the buttons to learn more about each type of sensor. If you're unsure which is best for your application we will happily assist you.
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LSC refractometer sensors provide accuracy, reliability and simplicity

Inline Process refractomete, density measurement sensor head

Eliminating downtime and maintenance is our major objective for the customer and LSC.

One way we accomplish this by is using only the highest grade industrial sapphire for our prism, also known as the sensing window.  The prisms we use ensure a long life, which results in very reliable and accurate concentration measurements for years to come. 


The Model 326 In-Line Sensing Head is used in a wide range of applications thanks to its versatile mounting capability. Four 1/4"-20 bolts mount it on several different flow apparatus' which are customizable to meet any requirement including;

* Any pipe over 2" diameter   * Flow-Thru-Blocks 1/8" to 3"   * Valve Bodys 1" to 4"


Available in a number of materials.


* Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel which is extremely corrosion resistant  & is our standard material for pulp and paper customers, as well as many other industrial applications 


* 316L Stainless Steel is our standard material for food / dairy / sugar applications


* A20 * Hastalloy-C * Kynar * Monel * Tantilum * are a few of the exoctic material available for harsh and corrosive applications in the chemical & semiconductor industries


One of the many advantages to the inline sensing head is the ability to use our safe and reliable isolation valve (Gate Adaptor). The gate safely closes the sensor from the process which allows the technician the ability to quickly and safely replace or perform maintenance on our sensing heads with NO disruption to your operation at all.

Also available with

Sanitary Prism Wash

or No Wash at all

Prism Wash

Sensing Head

Sanitary Flow-Thru-Block Sensor
Dual Pipe Black Liquor Measurement
Sensor on 1" Tri clamp Flow Cell
3" Custom Pipe Section with Flanges
1/2 " Tri clamp Flow Cell
1/4" Flow Cell with NPT Connection
2" Valve Body Process Density Sensor
3" to 1" Sanitary Flow Cell
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