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Model 326: In-Line Process Refractometer for Concentration / Density Measurements

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Model 326 Touch screen refraktometer Brochure

The LSC 326 process refractometer is the most universal instrument in our

market sold throughout all industries. Food, chemical, pulp & paper, etc. 


Our Model 326 In-Line Refractometer is a fully computerized instrument

which is a two-piece optical/electronic process instrument. It provides a

continuous in-line concentration measurement, which can be viewed by the

operator on its large 8.4" Touchscreen or remotely via an Ethernet connection on any computer in the factory network. The process can be automated using the standard Isolated, 4-20 mA output provided. A USB port allows for easy downloads of diagnostics and history files which can be sent to LSC for troubleshooting assistance.


The benefits of using LSC refractometers: They provide the end-user with a tool that they can rely on 24/7/365.  It allows the customer to ensure consistent end product.  This is crucial for many different reasons which vary depending on which industry is utilizing our equipment. In the pulp & paper, the ability to control the process to their target point allows them to improve/streamline the entire Kraft process.  This allows them to run at maximum energy efficiency which is critical considering the competitive global market we all work in.


In other industries like chemical / food / dairy / sugar production this is also true. However, more importantly is "Quality Control". Creating & maintaining brand loyalty is paramount and quality control provides "Quality Assurance".  Product consistency every time it is purchased by your customers will help gain and control market share. Not to mention save money by reducing waste.

1022 Anchor

Model 1022: Failsafe Automatic "Black Liquor" Divert System

(Fully complies with "BLRBAC" Recommendations)

The LSC Model 1022 Divert Sytem is a specialized piece of safety equipment which is designed specifically for the global "Pulp and Paper" market.  We are happy to inform you that this is our 3rd generation divert system and that LSC was the 1st company to identify the need / provide a commercial solution for truly protecting recovery boilers since 1977.  Since then we have been working closely with the experts of the industry, so that we can continue to be the leader in preventing smelt water explosions in recovery boilers.


The number one priority of the LSC 1022 Divert Sytem is to prevent a smelt water explosion.  Therefore we have designed a package that contains two independent refractometers and one Black Liquor divert controller.  This allows us to safely monitor the "Black Liquor Solids" at all times and if / when needed divert the black liquor away from the recovery boiler.


The LSC Model 1022 performs all necessary operational functions, including a number of "first ever" features, and fully complies with all recommendations of the Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee.

Process refractometer divert system
Model 1022 Black Liquor Divert System Dual Refractometer
Precise user-friendly interface with on-screen prompting allows simple access to all information on the programming/diagnostic display located in the Stainless Steel enclosure.

Divert Controller's Responsibilities and Functions

Providing the divert output signal directly to the divert valve or to the burner management system.

Monitoring the "A" and "B" Refractometers Operation and Health

Automatically deciding dual or single refractometer operation


Functional / Operational alarms

Setting / Event / History Memory


Smart Wash Technology - Prism Wash Logic

LSC is solely responsible for developing the benefit of Smart Wash. The CPU monitors both the A & B Sensors Prism Face as it washes every 20 minutes, at alternate 10 min. intervals, and controls the duration to wash for "only as long as necessary"... usually only 

1 - 2 seconds.  In the event a prism wash is not successful, another attempt is made shortly thereafter to clear the problem before an alarm is indicated.  Note that when one sensor is being washed the other refractometer remains in service and is given full divert capability.  Once the wash is over it will automatically go back to requiring both refractometers to initiate a divert.  In all cases the 1022 is designed to be fail-safe!

Custom Industrial Dual Pipe Section Refractometer sensors and ball valves installed

 The LSC Gate Adapter Isolation Valve provides an ultimately Safe and Simple means to service the sensing head 24/7/365. 

Our design slides a gate plate across the flow which does not pressurize the liquid between the sensing head and isolation valve.  This allows your technicians to safely remove and service the refractometer from an active liquor pipeline.  This dedicated safety valve eliminates the need for unsafe "By-Pass Loops", or an unscheduled liquor line shutdown to allow for maintenance.  This is a major benefit that we are able to offer compared to other suppliers.  A device of this type is specifically recommended by BLRBAC being specifically against by-pass-loops.  

The Gate Adapter provides for an external lock whereby its inherent design "guarantees positive visual and physical indication of locked "fully-open" or locked "fully-closed".  The lock cannot be employed if the Gate is less than 100 % opened or closed.  Limit Switches allow for the divert controller to indicate closing of the gate adapter, automatically putting that unit out of service by going into "Single Unit Operation".

Gate Adaptor SAFETY Isolation Valve and Limit Switches 

Our compact dual pipe section makes installation very simple & cost effective. This saves valuable space which is limited just before the ring header.

Measure liquid density or concentration. Process viscometer. industrial Process rheometer. continuous brix measuring meter.

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