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LSC refractometer sensors are designed for accuracy, simplicity and dependability. These sensors measure the refractive index (concentration) of liquid in most application situations. Each one designed to be easily installed to a wide range of applications including sanitary, hazardous and industrial. Click the buttons to learn more about each type of sensor. If you're unsure which is best for your application we will happily assist you.

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Measure Green Liquor Density directly in dissolving tanks, pipe stands or transfer lines.

In-line green liquor density monitor sensor, Measure green liquor in transfer line
Short green liquor sensor monitor, Pipe stand dissolving tank density
Green liquor probe sensor in dissolving tank, dissolving tank density measurement


For dissolving tanks that do not have enough "Head" room to remove the long probe from the tank, they can configure a small pipe stand tank outside of the main dissolving tank. LSC would supply one short green liquor probe which would be 2 - 4 feet long depending on your tank size. Implementing a way to flush the system of the scale using hot condensate when needed, is suggested. If it is designed in a manner that is open to atmospheric pressure, it would allow technicians the ability to pull the probe and manually clean the prism while on the run.

C)  In-line Green Liquor Probes (One probe per Transfer Line)
A)  Extra Long Green Liquor Probe for dissolving tanks

All probes have unlimited custom length of insertion, designed extra rugged and double sealed using 2 O-rings, so they can be fully submerged into the most hostile environments; such as green liquor dissolving tanks. Probes also come with our custom wash nozzle which has 3 ports that intersect, resulting in an extremely effective wash of the sensing window. 


This measurement is taken directly in the dissolving tank and only requires one probe. A Typical installation would use a flanged stanchion (flanged pipe connection) through the floor directly above the dissolving tank to secure the LSC Green Liquor Probe and submerge the sensing head prism in to the green liquor to a depth of 3 feet (1 meter) below the normal liquor level. This simple installation technique at atmospheric pressure, allows for removal of the probe at any time without any isolation valve. Typical length would be 8-12 feet / 2.5-3.5 meters.


These probes are designed to be mounted directly into the transfer lines on the dissolving tank, which means the mill would require two systems. This installation technique will also require a high pressure wash pump to clean and remove the harsh coatings associated with this type of application. The reason the coating is worse is because the green liquor tends to precipitate out to the cooler surfaces of the pipe wall. Due to the extreme scaling in the transfer lines we do not supply an isolation valve for the sensor. The mill would have to drain the line to service the in-line green liquor probe.

Transfer line refractometer monitor sensor, Measure black liquor, Measure Green liquor
In-line Green Liquor probe sensor monitor
B)  Short Green Liquor Probe for pipe stands


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