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LSC refractometer sensors are designed for accuracy, simplicity and dependability. These sensors measure the refractive index (concentration) of liquid in most application situations. Each one designed to be easily installed to a wide range of applications including sanitary, hazardous and industrial. Click the buttons to learn more about each type of sensor. If you're unsure which is best for your application we will happily assist you.

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Probe sensors designed for Tanks, Vessels or Large Pipes

The 326 Refractometer Insertion Probe is most useful for blending / mixing of batch processes or reaction type processes. 

The probe consists of a strong 316L Stainless Steel waterproof sealed housing. Other material can be requested.

Both Sanitary Tri-clamp Flanges, Industrial Raised Face Flanges, DIN and JIS are available.  

The insertion probes can be designed to meet sanitary requirements as some applications require and can be supplied with a true sanitary prism wash assembly, industrial style prism wash assembly or with no prism wash assembly.

Sanitary Insertion Probe Tri-Clamp
Insertion Probe Sanitary Tri Clamp
Flange Insertion Probe Refractometer
Process refractometer probe
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