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Intrinsically safe refractometer for hazardous and explosive applications

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These accessories are designed to adapt LSC refractometer sensors for universal compatibility in all industries.
This ease of customization makes them more universal, cost effective, easier to work on and easy to order.

All 326 Sensors or probes can be safely operated in hazardous areas using Stahl intrinsic safety barriers.

We have designed a special box using 6 different channeled safety barriers intrinsically safe to the highest level.

Click on the picture for a diagram of how to wire it up.

When using the ISB the sensing head can be located up to 500 feet (150 meters) away from the electronic enclosure as long as the ISB is wired between the sensor and electronics. This feature eliminates various cumbersome problems associated with distance limitations that can occur when using other process instruments. The flexibility of lsc refractometer systems allow the user to locate the 326 electronic enclosure and safety barrier in the most convenient safe zones, while the sensing head is installed in hazardous locations.

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