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Intrinsically safe refractometer for hazardous and explosive applications

These accessories are designed to adapt LSC refractometer sensors for universal compatibility in all industries.
This ease of customization makes them more universal, cost effective, easier to work on and easy to order.
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All of LSC’s equipment is built to the highest standards, using only the finest most durable materials available.  Even so, parts can wear out in certain corrosive applications considering they can be used for decades. 

Therefore we have a new removable baffle option for our pipe sections.

   If your process is thick and has tendency to build up, you may want to consider adding a steam wash to your baffle. This will ensure the process always flows and your measurement is always accurate. If you elect to go with this option, your baffle would have a small 1/8” +/- wash port running down the center. Every time the refractometer is scheduled to perform a prism wash, the baffle wash would also be activated. This small amount of steam will keep everything clean and flowing. You can also choose to run the baffle wash manually as well.

   Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel is usually used for the baffle assembly. We have chosen this material based on many years of research and in-field testing. It has proven to be very resistant to corrosive processes as many installations run higher % solids and temperatures. The use of Duplex material will provide for many years of success, but if and when the part does need to be replaced, you will not need to replace the entire pipe section. Simply unbolt  the old worn out part and replace it with a new baffle.

Replaceable baffle for black liquor / pulp and paper refractometer sensor systems

illustrated with optional wash.

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