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LSC Refractometer Automatic Prism Wash

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These accessories are designed to adapt LSC refractometer sensors for universal compatibility in all industries.
This ease of customization makes them more universal, cost effective, easier to work on and easy to order.

Prism wash is only used if the process being measured tends to coat. The appropriate wash medium (usually steam / water) with an adequate pressure is attached to the fitting provided. The frequency, duration & hold time of the wash is programmed via the touch screen menu.

   Our systems have "Smart wash" logic set by default which washes every 20 minutes only as long as necessary - usually 1 - 2 seconds. If needed, it can wash up to 30 seconds. If it detects it wasn't successful, it automatically tries again. Some applications work best with a more consistent wash length in which case the typical length is between 2 to 10 seconds.

   We are proud to offer an improved / compatible replacement for our ¼” NPTF prism wash ball valve. The Gemini 500 Series requires 50-125 psi air supply. The double-acting actuator lasts longer because it uses two opposing spring modules one on each end of the actuator.  It can operate with as little as 50 psi on a spring to close valve. Allowing you to operate at 50 psi reliably and retain the “fail safe spring to close” feature which is most desirable. The LSC part number is still 190302-R-120 or -240 (depending on the VAC required.)

   Our automatic prism wash is supplied with an ASCO Solenoid NEMA 4X, water-tight design which is required for the harsh applications our refractometers are often installed. As for chemical resistance, the 500 series uses Teflon® impregnated surfaces for the aluminum actuators bodies and all other exposed metal is 300 Series stainless steel. 

    We have recently improved the mounting bracket to simplify in-field installation / service.

It comes with the bracket pre-installed, making it much easier to install onto your process line. Removal of the ball valve bracket is no longer required to mount it to the pipe section.  Simply remove the old valve and bolt it on to the pipe section. If the post are too tall remove them and bolt on the new 500 Series prism wash valve.

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